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Connecting to community, connecting to others, and connecting to Torah - this is the mission of Chabad. To facilitate Chabad of Quebec City in its mission, a building has been purchased in the center of the city, 545 Grande Allée Est, not far from the Parlement and Old City. The three floor buildng will be a center for Chabad's many initiatives and programs.

  • Courses in Jewish philosophy, practices, and traditions are offered for all levels of knowledge and observance.

  • Our Hebrew school promotes a positive, exciting Jewish education about Jewish beliefs, traditions, and texts.

  • Traditional services serve as the cornerstone of a Jewish community and are offered through Chabad at several locations.

  • Sharing laughter, friendship, and emotions, the QC ladies gather together for creative activities and games while also exploring themes of Jewish life.

  • Young mothers participate in the Monmmy and Me" program which features games, songs, and discoveries for children and their mothers.

  • Our kosher meal service is a delight for both tourists and business meals. Why settle for a sandwich when a fresh meal is available?

  • Everyone is welcomed by Chabad to learn more about the Seven Noahide Laws and how they can be praticed in modern times.
Thanks to Chabad, the tapestry of Jewish life in Quebec City is becoming more colorful - embroidered with joy, camaraderie, and hope.